Laetitia Vincent

CNRS Researcher (DR2)

received my PhD in nuclear physics in 2001. I joined the CNRS in 2003, and I have worked during 8 years on implantation and irradiation-induced damage in semiconductors and nuclear ceramics. I have acquired a well-established know-how in material characterization mainly ion beam analysis and electron microscopy. 

In 2010, I achieved a professional redirection and got involved in the synthesis and characterization of innovative nanostructures for monolithic and heterogeneous integration on silicon. I gained an expertise in the growth of semiconductor nanowires and comprehension of size-effectsI have pioneered a process of phase transformation in nanowires and have initiated a scientific research project on it (ANR-HEXSIGE)My research interests are currently focused on the synthesis and properties of group-IV allotropes especially Ge-2H for optical applications. My activity includes the study of fundamental mechanisms of crystal growth at the atomic scale using real time observations in TEM. 


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Relevant publications:

Dislocation and antiphase domain free microscale GaAs crystals grown on SiO2 from (001) Si nano−areas C. Renard, N. Cherkasin, A. Jaffre, L. Vincent, A. Michel, T. Molière, R. Hamouche, V. Yam, J. Alvarez, F. Fossard, D. Mencaraglia, D. Bouchier, Applied Physics Letters, vol. 102 (2013), 191915

Novel heterostructured Ge nanowires based on polytype transformation L. Vincent, G. Patriarche, G. Hallais, C. Renard, C. Gardès, D. Troadec, and D. Bouchier, Nanoletters 14 (2014) 4828

High current density GaAs/Si rectifying heterojunction by defect free Epitaxial Lateral  overgrowth on Tunnel Oxide from nano−seed C. Renard, T. Molière, N. Cherkashin, J. Alvarez, L. Vincent, A. Jaffré, G. Hallais, J. P. Connolly, D. Mencaraglia & D. Bouchier, Scientific Reports 6 (2016) article number 25328

Accurate Estimation of Band Offsets in Group IV Polytype Junctions: A First−Principles Study T. Kaewmaraya, L. Vincent and M. Amato, , J. Phys. Chem. C 121, 5820 (2017)

Shear-driven phase transformation in silicon nanowires

L. Vincent, D Djomani, M Fakfakh, C Renard, B Belier, D Bouchier and G Patriarche, Nanotechnology 29, 12560 (2018)

Crystalline, phononic and electronic properties of heterostructured polytypic Ge nanowires by Raman spectroscopy

C. Fasolato, M de Luca, D Djomani, L. Vincent, C Renard, G. Di Iorio, V. Paillard, M. Amato, R. Rurali and I. Zardo, , Nano Lett. 18, 7075 (2018)

Si and Ge allotrope heterostructured nanowires: experimental evaluation of the thermal conductivity reduction  A. Ben Amor, D. Djomani, M. Fakhfakh, S. Dilhaire, L. Vincent and S. Grauby, , Nanotechnology 30, 375704 (2019)



Email address

Office number

10 Bd Thomas Gobert
91120 Palaiseau  FRANCE

Phone number
+33 1 70 27 03 81


Research areas

  • Allotropism in group IV semiconductors
  • Heterogeneous integration on silicon
  • Real time observation of nucleation and growth mechanisms


Current research projects

  • HEXSIGE (ANR-17-CE30-0014-01)
  • Metrology project EMPIR - High throughput metrology for nanowire energy harvesting devices
  • CEPOGHEX (Nanosaclay research project 2020)
  • Opto Silicon (FET Open H2020)