Selective Epitaxy Engineering for Disruptive Devices



The SEEDs team intends to use and promote epitaxy by UHV-CVD and CBE for monolithic integration on silicon with the aim to lay out and spread innovative and disruptive heterostructures. Our activities include either the synthesis of III-V materials as well as novel allotrope structures of group-IV semiconductors for integration in electronic and photonic devices on silicon. We focus on the comprehension of growth mechanisms and the investigation of the physical properties of  epitaxial heterostructures.

Allotropism in group-IV semiconductors

Heterogeneous integration on silicon

In situ monitoring of nanomaterial growth by Transmission Electron Microscopy


  • January 2024 : Starting Adhex-SiGe (ANR) Project

  • January 2024 : Starting DOTPIX (ANR) Project

  • January 2023 : Starting HELLO_PV (ANR) Project

  • October 2022 : Starting ONCHIPs HORIZON Project

  • May 2021: Starting OPTOSILICON FETOPEN project

  • June 2020: First CBE heterostructure grown at C2N new site

Group leader